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Ronaldinho is arrested in Paraguay (Latest Update)

Monday, March 09, 2020
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Ronaldinho is arrested in Paraguay (Latest Update)

Police in Paraguay have arrested former football superstar Ronaldinho for attempting to enter the country with fake passport.

Ronaldinho and his brother, Roberto Assis, were taken to a police headquarters within the capital, Asuncion, shortly before 10pm civil time , Paraguay's prosecutor's office said during a statement on Friday.

Ronaldinho's lawyer Sergio Queiroz confirmed the arrest to The Associated Press press agency and said his legal team in Paraguay had filed an injunction to release the previous footballer and his brother.

Gilberto Fleitas, the highest of the investigations unit of the Paraguayan police, said that the pair were already taken into custody after done a judge refused to ratify a prosecutor's proposal for punishment.

Their unexpected arrest came just hours after the 2 brothers appeared set to go away Paraguay and draw a line under a tumultuous stay that began on Wednesday once they were questioned by police after presenting fake passports on arrival at the Asuncion airport.

Federico Delfino, a prosecutor investigating this case, and said that they would be released after paying an alternate punishment.

However, a judge rejected that on Friday and just minutes later the deal was overturned by the highest prosecutor .

Arrest warrants were then issued for both men, while officers from the organised crime and economic crimes units are tasked with handling the case.

The brothers were invited to Paraguay by an area casino owner and had arrived on Wednesday to require part during a football clinic for youngsters , and a book launch.

Although he last played professionally in 2015, Ronaldinho remains hugely fashionable global football fans for his skills and showmanship.

The 39-year-old was the simplest player within the world at his peak within the early a part of this century.

He was named FIFA World Player of the year in 2004 and 2005 and won the planet Cup with Brazil in 2002 and therefore the Champions League with Barcelona in 2006.

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