Jamal doesn't want to celebrate this Eid like usual while others starve
Jamal Bhuyian

Bangladesh National football team leader Jamal Bhuyian explains that he doesn't just like the thought of celebrating Eid like usual with gifts and delicious foods while there are vulnerable people starves during the ongoign pandemic. 

Following within the footsteps of the various athletes, Jamal today announced his willingness to donate one of his favourite jerseys to help the disadvantaged people of Bangladesh during the Coronavirus crisis.

Jamal explained to The Daily Star through a text the reason behind his generous gesture. Jamal's touching and galvanizing message is given here in its entirety.

A big population are hungry and still starving in the streets, and thats looks so cruel. There are tons of individuals who have tons of cash in Bangladesh and yet we've people that do not have food, houses, apartments, clothes, etc.
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