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Ballon d'Or 2024 standing the top 5 favourites - January 2024

The Ballond'Or is the most reputable individual gem in football. Lionel Messi harvested up a history- extending eighth Ballond'Or before this year thanks to his unbelievable performance at both international and domestic games in the 2022- 23 season. 
The competition for the 2024 edition of football's most coveted respective honour began at the launch of the 2023- 24 season. With Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, two of the most dominant footballers in the history of the football award, now in their late 30s, there is every luck that we could find a new Ballon d'Or winner this time. 
Without additional ado, let's take a look at the top five favourites to win the 2024 Ballond'Or( January 2024). 

5 Cristiano Ronaldo( Portugal/ Al- Nassr) 

Despite having moved to Saudi Arabian club Al- Nassr, Cristiano Ronaldo's stunts have made it nearly unrealizable to look past him in the environment of the Ballond'Or. Ronaldo has been in unbelievable form for both club and national team of late. 
He has scored 24 - and supplied 11 assists in 25 games across all tournaments for Al- Nassr so far this season. Ronaldo has been edgy in front of goal and has also impressed with his capability to produce goalscoring openings for his teammates. 
The 38- year-old has served a great job for Portugal as well. They're one of the early favourites to win the 2024 Euros and if that happens, Ronaldo could really well have a fitted ending chapter to his fantastic career. 

4 Kylian Mbappe( France Paris Saint- Germain) 

Kylian Mbappe is completely angled to win numerous Ballonsd'Or in the future. He clearly has what it takes and has formerly come enough near on a couple of times. Could 2024 be his time? 
So far, Mbappe has put his sporty foot ahead but there is a passion that Paris Saint- Germain are clutching him back as he seems to be packing them once more. The Frenchman has scored 22 goals and delivered two assists in 23 games across all tournaments for PSG so far this season. 
Mbappe's possibility of winning the Ballond'Or will also depend on how far France progress at the Euros. 

3 Mohamed Salah( Egypt/ Liverpool) 

Mohamed Salah ever played to finalize just outside the Ballond'Or top 10 in 2023 despite Liverpool having a delicate movement. The' Egyptian King' has only gotten more this season and has been ripping it up for the English giant. 
While a lack of Champions League football will affect his circumstances, the transparent calculation that Salah is setting up make him a good seeker in the race for the 2024 Ballond'Or. 
In 27 games across all tournaments so far this season for Jurgen Klopp's side, the 31- year-aged has delivered 18 goals and completed nine assists. 

2 Jude Bellingham( England/ Real Madrid) 

Having landed to life at Real Madrid like a fish to water, Jude Bellingham has left the world in admiration of his fantastic capability at the tender age of 20. addicts across the world have seen him raise over the former several years but it's accomplished that the rankings he has unveiled since the launch of the 2023- 24 season are moderately exceptional. 
Bellingham has existed Real Madrid's main key player so far this tour. In his early days at the squad, he has formed an impact related to the legendary Cristiano Ronaldo. The Englishman can hopefully nourish this performance for the expanse of the campaign. He'll also play a vital part for England at the 2024 Euros. 
Bellingham has packed 17 goals and formed five assists in 22 apps across all tournaments for Real Madrid so far this season. 

1 Harry Kane( England/ Bayern Munich) 

Having broken up free of the impediment that clutched him back at Tottenham Hotspur, Harry Kane seems to retain uncorked a new gear at his new team Bayern Munich. The signals were always there and a 30- goal reply in his closing Premier League season told volumes of his world- class capability. 
In the first half of the 2023- 24 season, the Englishman has displayed just how fast he can be when circled by players of a alike class. Kane has been performed further than a goal per match for the Bavarians so far this tour. 
He has 25 goals and eight assists to his profile in 22 games across all tournaments for Bayern Munich in the 2023- 24season.However, he might just form it to the pledged land, If Kane can guide England to honor at Euro 2024. 

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